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A few words of thanks...

Firstly, a huge thank you must go to Vic Keary for all his work and support on this project, for believing in us in 1972 and still believing in us in 2018. And especially for holding on to copies of our tapes for all these years. Without Vic, this album would simply not have happened.

Also, a big thank you to John Reed, Ricky Martin and the team at Cherry Red Records for all their help and support.

Thanks also to the musicians we played with over the years, especially Johnny Ellis and Nigel Watson on drums, Zandi Gordon on keys, Rob on pedal steel, Phil Fetherston and various other players of pianos, violins, mandolins, bongo's etc. It was always fun guys.

Some of the black and white photographs of the band that appear on this site and on the album artwork were taken by a young friend of ours, Murray Close. Today, Murray is an award winning and internationally renowned photographer whose work hangs in galleries and private collections worldwide. Working with some of the world’s most influential film makers and directors, Murray has created some of cinema’s most iconic images. We are very grateful to him for taking those early shots of us.

Many of the photos, especially those taken in the studio, were shot by our very own Chris Howard. Again, we are very grateful to Chris for having the foresight to create a permanent record of those times and such great memories.

A special thank you must go to all our friends who came out and supported us back in the day and to those kind friends who helped with transporting us to gigs, and to our roadie 'Plymouth' Pete.

And lastly, our thanks to you for listening today. We hope you enjoy our collection of songs. We thought they were lost over 40 years ago, but by some miracle, their rediscovery has given them a second life. We believe they have stood the test of time well, and if you appreciate them just a bit, then they will have achieved what we had originally hoped they would.

Finally, while this album is an appreciation of songs from the past, it is also a celebration of hope for the future. You never know what the future holds. You may think that something or an opportunity is lost for ever. But never, ever give up hope.

Think back but keep looking forward.

GES 2018

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